What’s Up in December 2020?

If you would like to follow the exciting Astronomical Events in December,  please register to our upcoming Virtual Up In the Sky DDO program. Our expert astronomers will be teaching you how to navigate the night time sky.

Please visit richmondhill.ca/astronomy to register and get more information about this program.

On December 21st Jupiter and Saturn will pass very close to each other, so close that you’ll need binoculars or a telescope to separate them. During the month of December these two gas giant planets can be seen just after sunset can be seen just above the south-west horizon. The attached video (animated GIF) shows how the two planets move each day during the month of December, then move apart after their closest approach on the 21st. Even if the weather doesn’t cooperate on the day of closest approach, it will be a fun sight to watch these two giant planets move each clear evening during the month of December.

-DDO Defenders 🙂

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