Great Ideas Speaker Nights: Supernova 1987A

Zoom link: Meeting ID: 826 0823 4950 , Passcode: 212094

Supernovae are among the most violent events in the Universe since the Big Bang. They are highly destructive. And yet, they are also largely responsible for creating and dispersing most of the elements that enrich the Universe we live in. Indeed, without supernovae, the Earth and Life as we know them would likely not exist. On February 24, 1987, the brightest supernova since the invention of the telescope was discovered by a Canadian astronomer working on a mountaintop in Chile.

Join Dr. Ian Shelton for a personal account of his discovery of Supernova 1987A and efforts to find the elusive neutron star “beast” that created the explosion.

Zoom link: Meeting ID: 826 0823 4950 , Passcode: 212094

Tom Bolton (1943-2021 )

With heavy hearts, we report the passing of Professor Emeritus Tom Bolton earlier this week.

Tom is probably best known for providing the first definitive evidence showing that Cygnus X-1 is a black hole using the David Dunlap Observatory’s telescope. He was also instrumental in drafting the City of Richmond Hill’s landmark light pollution abatement bylaw.

As a close colleague of ours, he will dearly be missed.

Please take the time to watch this TVO Science Café episode where Tom -alongside other notable DDO astronomers – explains the history of the DDO and provides a tour of the 74″ telescope (circa 1990).

-DDO Defenders