Happy 86th Birthday DDO!


The David Dunlap Observatory’s official opening was on 31 May 1935, also Prof. Chant’s 70th birthday. The opening ceremony was attended by notables such as Sir Frank Dyson, and former Prime Minister William Lyon Mackenzie King, who praised the Observatory as “a gift to science all over the world.” Chant retired the same day and moved into Observatory House, the original pre-Confederationfarmhouse (built in 1864 for Alexander Marsh and known also as Elms Lea Alexander Marsh) just to the south of the administration buildings, where he spent his remaining years. In May 1939 the train carrying King George VI and Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother on their cross-Canada tour paused on the railway to view the Observatory and the largest telescope in the commonwealth. 

Presently, DDO has a rich heritage and offers public astronomy programs hosted by the City of Richmond Hill and provided by the program partners, DDODefenders and RASC.

To learn more please explore www.richmondhill.ca/Astronomy

-DDO Defenders : )

ISS passes Venus TONIGHT – and see Mercury too!

If you have a clear horizon, you can watch Venus setting about half an hour after sunset. And Tonight, the International Space Station (ISS) will appear to pass right above Venus at 9:36 EDT tonight. The ISS will be moving from left to right and will appear ~20x fainter than Venus. 

Note also that the much fainter “star” about 3 degrees above and a little to the left of Venus is actually the planet Mercury. Watch Venus move closer to it each night and then pass right beside Mercury on May 28.

-DDO Defenders