Astronomy Family Nights

Photo by Chris Robart

These evenings are intended for families with school-age children. The program provides an age-appropriate talk where we invite questions and audience participation to learn about exciting discoveries and celestial events. The talk is followed by a demonstration of the 74” telescope with viewing through this and other smaller telescopes as weather permits, craft activities & a simulation of the nighttime sky in our SkyLab.

Date  TimeCode
Friday May 38:30 pm-11:00 pm37432
Saturday May 48:30 pm-11:00 pm37457
Friday May 108:30 pm-11:00 pm37433
Friday June 79:00 pm-11:30 pm37439
Friday June 289:00 pm-11:30 pm37443
Friday July 129:00 pm-11:30 pm37445
Friday July 269:00 pm-11:30 pm37448
Friday August 98:30 pm-11:00 pm37450

To register for any one of these programs, please visit the Richmond Hill ActiveRH website (or click on the program code).