Q: What programs have viewing through the 74" telescope?

A: Viewing through the DDO 74" telescope to provided (weather permitting) in the Astronomy Speaker Night and Astronomy Family Night public programs. Select private programs also have viewing through the 74" telescope available as well.

Q: Can I bring my child to DDO programs?

A: Yes! Please refer to the participant age ranges listed on our program info pages.

Q: Is the DDO open for free self-guided walk throughs?

A: Currently, the DDO buildings are not open for free self-guided walk throughs. The park lands surrounding the buildings are open to the public until 11pm everyday. Free self-guided walk throughs may return in the coming seasons.

Q: I have a telescope that doesn't work, can you help me fix it?

A: We'd be glad to provide advice and direction! Please refer to our "How to Use your Telescope" program for sign up details.